Gym Bag


Inspirational Videos

Spirit of the Marathon – While training for my first 5K, I stumbled upon this great running documentary.  It taught me that you don’t have to be an Olympic caliber runner to run long distances.  The documentary follows some pretty normal people through the summer as they train for the Chicago Marathon.  Even if you never want to run a marathon, this is a great movie to watch.  The movie is very uplifting and inspired me to run farther and to believe in myself and my training.




My Favorite Running Books

The Long Run – Matty Long, a New York firefighter is training for a triathlon when he is run over by a city bus.  The story chronicles his struggles and triumphs as he recovers from this horrific accident to regain simple abilities such as walking down the street.  The story culminates with Matty achieving something may able bodied people are unable to undertake.





The Long Run (Kindle) –  I downloaded and read this book on my kindle fire in two days.  It is a short and compelling read about a guys travels through life as he struggles to free himself from alcohol addiction while finding a passion for running.  This book is well written and captivating.  Being an eBook, it is pretty inexpensive.  I would recommend reading this if you have any interest in drug or alcohol dependence and you love to run.  You’ll relate to both aspects of Mishka’s life.