Running in Winter

How to Make Running Indoors More Exciting

Running Indoors can be boring   If you’re like me, you would rather run in a down pour outside rather than run on a treadmill, but there are times, such as when there’s six inches of snow on the road, when running outside is impractical or downright dangerous.  So how can you make the treadmill interesting? Running Indoors Should […]

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Cold Weather Running Gear

Cold weather running gear choices and options can be confusing, especially as the seasons change, and you’re constantly trying to figure out what to wear in varying weather conditions and temperatures. Cold Weather Running Gear Tips Whether you plan on running through the winter outdoors or just on brisk fall mornings, understand how to appropriate dress is […]

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Running with A Cold

Running with a cold? I’ve recently come across this dilemma.   I have a pretty big race coming up, there are about two weeks until the start, and I’m catching a cold!  I’ve been training for about fourteen weeks now, and am trying to figure out whether it is work running with a cold or whether I should stop and rest. […]

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