Running Gear and Equipment

Keep your used Treadmill in Top Shape with Proper Maintenance

Introduction Many persons may purchase used treadmills since they cannot afford new ones. However, these treadmills still cost a considerable sum. As such, the new owners ought to know used treadmill maintenance methods as they will aid in lengthening the lifespan of the treadmills. There are several maintenance tips you may follow that will ensure your used […]

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Important Running Gear for Beginners

People say that when you have a good pair of running shoes, you’re good to go, there are more than shoes that you’ll need to complement your set of running gear.  Following are some of the important running gear and accessories that, although not required to make you a certified runner, can make your running […]

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How to Start Running the Right Way

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How to Start Running is pretty simple, but as an adult, there is a right and wrong way to start:  choose the wrong way and you get discouraged or injured , choose the right way and you decrease your chances for injury, enjoy running more, and embark on the path to healthy living.  How to start running […]

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Running Gear: Indispensable Running Tools for Novice and Expert Runners

Running gear enhances my running experience.  Though running is pretty simple, having the right gear makes it easier and more fun to track stats and routes.  Over the past several years I’ve collected a set of tools I continue to use on each run.  These items help me plan and track my progress.  From planning […]

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