My name is a Kris and I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of running and want to share that passion with you.

In high school I ran cross country in the fall to get in shape for hockey.  I wasn’t a first-class cross country runner, but I really was ready and in shape for the hockey season.  I found that running was a great way to clear the head.  I would run evenings, after school, and throughout the the summer.

When I college I continued to run and found it was a great way to escape from the pressures of studying.  Also in college I started to smoke cigarettes.  Running and smoking don’t mix, and soon my addiction for nicotine won over my passion for running.  I really didn’t miss running though.  By then I was starting my career and was too busy to set aside time for exercise.

Fast forward many years and sixty pounds of weight gain.

As I got older I gained weight and go less fit.  I never ran.  In fact I used to have dreams about forgetting how to run.  I really felt that I lost the skill to run and that I didn’t know how to move my legs fast enough to do so.

Fast forward many years and sixty pounds of weight gain.

I got married, quit smoking, and had children.  I was an older obeise parent with young children.  I was getting worried that if I didn’t change something soon, I would wreck my health and wouldn’t be around to see my children graduate from high school.

I decided to go run again.

At the time I didn’t know it, but I was really doing a walk to run program.  Without any guidance I started a regimen of walking and running three miles every other day.  My legs would hurt so bad!  I was lucky I didn’t injure myself; so began my journey.  Running is now so woven into my life I can’t imagine not doing so.

What about you?

Think you never ran before?  Think again.  I bet you ran with joy as a child.  Why not follow along with our blog and rediscover that joy, and the many other benefits that running brings to your life?

I have two children and love to watch them play.  Kids playing is bliss, they are so happy?  Ever watch a child run?  They joyful as they bounce around the yard or “race” you.  Kids love to run.  Why not reignite that passion yourself?