Keep your used Treadmill in Top Shape with Proper Maintenance

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Many persons may purchase used treadmills since they cannot afford new ones. However, these treadmills still cost a considerable sum. As such, the new owners ought to know used treadmill maintenance methods as they will aid in lengthening the lifespan of the treadmills. There are several maintenance tips you may follow that will ensure your used treadmill remains in the soundest condition for the longest period.

Used treadmill maintenance tips

Treadmill-Maintenance1.  Apply for an extended warranty. Some used treadmills come with brief warranties while others come without warranties. In either case, you might wish to extend the warranties’ length.

By utilizing Google to search, you may find several websites that offer these warranties. They may seem costly, but their charges pale when comparing them to fixing your treadmill or purchasing a new, or another used, one.

2. Periodically clean it. Debris and dirt are significant causes of untimely deck and belt wear. Once every week, clean between the device’s deck and belt. In addition, clean the little exposed regions of the deck on either belt side.

Dirt typically amasses inside these areas. You may clean the belt’s outer surface with a damp cloth or sponge. Wipe or vacuum the region around the treadmill simultaneously. You ought to clean the motor area around three or four times each year.

3. Lubricate the treadmill or avoid it, according to its type. Read your owner’s manual, if you received one, and follow its recommendations. There are treadmills which do not require any lubrication; in fact, lubricating them unnecessarily may cause considerable damage.

Numerous decks are often made from materials which may not require any lubrication or which are protected with wax. If you lubricate decks of these kinds, you may heighten the friction that exists between the deck and the belt, which could trigger damage to your motor. If your treadmill requires waxing or lubrication, follow all the provided guidelines within the manual.Treadmill-Lubrication

4. Check the belt alignment. All treadmill belts ought to run immediately beneath the deck’s center. In case your treadmill’s belt wanders to a particular side, you ought to align it. Behind the device on either side, you may find adjustment bolts.

Make minuscule adjustments of around a quarter turn each time. Your manual may offer further or specialized advice on the most convenient or effective alignment method, so examining it is beneficial.

5. Check the belt tension. This is typically pre-adjusted within the factory. Hence, the belts of a used treadmill may stretch and could need adjustment. In case the belt becomes increasingly loose, it will likely slip and will cause severe wear to the belt along with the deck.

In case the belt’s tightness is too much, it will wear the motor along with the rollers. You ought to set the belt such that it is neither too loose nor too tight. Again, consulting the treadmill’s manual is the most ideal choice.


These are the most convenient used treadmill maintenance tips. If some of them seem complicated, you could simply hire a professional who will handle them. This is an insight.

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