Important Running Gear for Beginners

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People say that when you have a good pair of running shoes, you’re good to go, there are more than shoes that you’ll need to complement your set of running gear.  Following are some of the important running gear and accessories that, although not required to make you a certified runner, can make your running comfortable and trouble-free.

Essential Running Gear For Beginners

Shorts – Many varieties of running shorts are in the market today, the key is to find what is comfortable for you.  I personally like loose fitting shorts with a liner.  The line eliminate the need to wear cotton briefs, and in my mind drastically cuts down the rick of chafing.  That being said, I have purchased running shorts with liners that chafe my legs on medium length runs. I had to throw them out!  So far I have had best luck with Nike brand running shorts.  Regardless of brand, here are some features to consider when purchasing shorts:Nike Running Shorts

  • Material – Stay away from cotton, which absorbs moisture.  Get a “tech” material, with for you 70’s devotees is usually a form of polyester.
  • Pocket – You don’t need deep pockets to carry a wallet and a set of keys, but you will want a pouch or pocket so you can slip in and secure a car key, your ID, and some cash.  By the way, you do carry some form of ID when you run right?
  • Draw String – Make sure it made of a material that will stayed tied.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to retie waistband drawstring during a run.  Also, make sure the drawstring can be “sucked up” into the waist band.  That can be a hassle.
  • Cut – There are several cuts for shorts.  I like those that are cut square and several inches above the knee.  Some runner also like shorts spit in the sides.

Shirt – Gone are the days of cotton shirts. Shirts with wicking quality, usually made of polyester, are the best choice for running. These types of shirts absorb sweat from the body and keep the temperature low. Thick, long-sleeved shirts are recommended for use during the cold climates and thin, short-sleeved shirts are for warm climates. For extra support and comfort, women are advised to wear sports bra.

Unlike short, I haven’t had any chafing issues with shirts.  For warmer weather, usually 50 degrees and above, I prefer a short sleeve tech T shirt, and for cooler weather I’ll switch to a long sleeve.  I have been know to double up on shirts during the winter.

Socks – The best pair of running socks prevents blisters. Other sock brands also promise to keep the feet dry and in perfect condition even after running several miles. My favorite socks are  Gold Toe Power Socks  (affiliate link).  The are inexpensive, as far as running socks go, fit well, most importantly, I haven’t gotten any blisters using them.

Shoes – My advice is simple.  Go to a running store and get properly fitted for a pair of shoes.  By doing so you’ll minimize your risk for injury.

Protective Running Gear

Running Protective GearReflective vest – When worn, reflective vest keeps the runner visible, making it very useful to people who run along the roadside or in the dark. It helps avoid accidents and calls attention when the runner is injured. In place of a reflective vest, some runners use reflective stickers, reflective jackets, and LED armbands.

Running Gear to Monitor Your Performance

Heart rate monitor – This is important to people who like to keep track of their heart performance and improvements in the pulse. With a chest strap and wrist unit, heart rate monitor displays information on the heart rate and calories burned. Depending on the results of the heart rate monitor, a runner can figure if his training is working and at an appropriate intensity.

Running watch – Because of its multiple uses, a running watch is almost a necessity. It can record distance, time, and pace. Most running watch models today also a have heart rate monitor function, and those that are even more advanced have GPS capabilities. GPS watches can monitor route and distance information, which can be downloaded and stored to track performance. They are a bit expensive, though.


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