Why You Should Start Jogging – The Many Benefits of Running

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Sure, running is hard work, but the benefits of running out weight any of it negative facets.  From the “runner’s high” to increased cardiovascular health, running serves to improve your body and thus your general well being.

There are many reasons why people engage themselves in running these days.  Foremost of which is to stay in shape or to reach their ideal body weight.  Studies show that the potent combination of correct diet and the right exercise is the most effective method in losing weight.

Weight loss

Running or Walking to Loose WeightRunning is a very effect way to quickly loose weight.  No other exercise allows you, in general, to burn calories as quickly as you can with running.  Because of this, running makes a perfect exercise for those pressed for time.  The amount of calories you burn does depend on your weight, with those weighing more burning more (for once something works in our favor)!  You can easily burn 600 calories or more in an hour running.

Overall health

Another motivation that drives runners is the health benefits they get.  Running helps lower blood pressure by maintaining the elasticity of the arteries.  During a run, the arteries get exercised as well, what with all the blood moving about.

Running also maximizes the lung’s potential, keeping it strong and powerful.   The body uses less than half its lung capacity, but with running, your body requires copious amounts of oxygen, causing a stress on your system.  This stress helps to develop lung capacity and overall respiratory efficiency.

Running also strengthens the heart and helps prevent heart attacks. During a run, the heart muscles are exercised, thus keeping it fit and strong by itself.  The heart of an inactive person beats 36,000 more times every day compared to that of a runner.  The reason is simple – the runner’s arteries are wider and blood flows smoother.


Health Benefits of Running

Most runners keep this secret to themselves: running gives an intense exhilaration and euphoria right after a run. And they are addicted to the feeling and it motivates them the most.  I can certainly attest to this, as once I’m done running I drive my wife crazy!  She is usually in a sour mood from work, and I come in tired, but bouncy and bubbly.  I think she gets jealous of my runs.  :)

Science had already found out the nature of this natural high: beta endorphin’s.  These are released by the body’s neurons intended to relieve the pain after a run.  It creates a feeling of extreme happiness and exhilaration and can be so intense it often can replace other addictions to drugs, alcohol, including appetite for food.

Running’s Natural tranquilizer

There is a trend for doctors now to recommend to their patients suffering from clinical depression and other psychological disorders to try running.  This is based on studies that show running as a natural tranquilizer. Patients are reported to be less tense, less confused, less depressed, and less fatigued.

Whatever your reasons for running are, it is a safe bet that it is one of the best natural disease-fighters man had discovered. What’s more, it’s free and it’s delirious as well.

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