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Eight Unique Running Tips for Beginners

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I recently asked some fellow bloggers for some unconventional running tips they would provide a beginning runners and  I got some great answers I want to share with you.  You’ll still want to follow the basic advice and tips given to all beginner runners, but why not get a head start and tap into the wisdom of those who have been in your shoes?

I can personally relate to every tip given and one time or another have made myself a better runner, or for that matter, just continued to run, because of them.  Tip #6 is especially important, and if you get to know me better, I can tell  you some stories!

Running Tips For Beginners

Tip #1 – Leave No Room for Excuses – Prepare Ahead of Time

“Don’t think about your run too much before you go on it. Set out your clothes and accessories the night before (or in the morning, if you run after work or later in the day), and just get up (or come home), put the clothes on and go. Don’t think. Just go run. If you do catch yourself thinking about the run (that it’s going to hurt or that the route is boring or whatever), try to switch your thoughts to what you will feel like AFTER you run (usually energetic, hungry, happy and proud for me). But, really, it’s best just to go into auto-pilot pre-run—put on clothes,  put on socks, put on shoes, put on watch—and get out the door!” –Kerrie, Mom vs. Marathon

Fun Run Goal RaceTip #2 – Goal Races Keep You Motivated

“If you’re having trouble staying motivated, pick a goal race to train for and then tell everyone you can find about it. The more you talk about it, the more you’ll believe that you’re really going to do it, and the more people you tell, the more likely you are to actually follow through.”  – Danielle, TRexRunner.Com

Tip #3 – Find Someone Interested in Your Running

“Find someone who cares that you run. Could be a spouse, relative, friend, anyone. Having someone who will ask “how far did you run?” will keep you running. A running group is terrific for this, because someone will always ask you “how far” or “what pace” and tell you “good job” at the end, even if the snails are passing you.” – FitnessAt50.Net

Tip #4 – Join a Running Group

“My #1 tip, and one that most beginners are reluctant to do, is to get involved in a running group or start your own.  ( is a great tool to use).  The social aspect really keeps you committed, and you can learn a ton from fellow runners.  Plus, it makes it more fun!  This tip is coming from a lifelong introvert, so trust me, if I like it you will too!  If a “live” group is not an option, many runners are on twitter or write running blogs and form a long distance community support system, which is amazing.  I have made many new friends through twitter, some of whom I’ve arranged to meet at local races or group runs.  However, don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to anybody else.  We all run different paces, but we are all runners, and runners support each other and stick together!”  – Ty,

Tip #5 – No One Is Looking At you, So Stop Being Self-Conscious and Just Run!

“If you feel like you suck at running when you first start, don’t be discouraged. You probably do suck at it, but that’s because everyone does when they’re out of shape and have just started. No one is able to run long distances without working for it, and we all started somewhere. On that note – if you’re afraid to run outside (or at the gym, or near people in general) because you feel like all the other runners are staring at you, don’t worry, we’re not! We’re just as busy as you are trying to breathe.”  – Danielle, TRexRunner.Com

Tip #6 – Sooner or Later You Will Need an Emergency Pit Stop, So Plan for Them

Running Pit Stop

“Make sure your running routes include restrooms (or heavily wooded and lightly trafficked areas). As you increase your distance, all of your organs warm up — all of your organs. And one in particular can be problematic if you are literally full of it. Beginner runners may not realize it, but having to suddenly do No. 2 is a common problem and almost a rite of passage in some running circles. It will definitely have you reconsidering your nutrition plan and, like me, having you always carrying tissues or paper towels … just in case you need them.” – Anne,

Tip #7 – Patience

“Don’t expect instant pudding. It takes time to build the physical and mental stamina needed for longer runs. Pushing too hard will get you hurt, and some people give up running when that happens. Not happy with your results? That’s fine. Next time will be better.” – FitnessAt50.Net

Tip #8 – Try Running without Music

“Try to avoid getting too addicted to running with music. I know lots of people that say they “can’t” run without music. That’s obviously not true, but it’s a dangerous mentality. What if you wake up the morning of a race and realize that your iPod turned itself on overnight and it’s now out of battery? Don’t laugh – that happened to me at my second marathon. Run without music (add your friends instead!) at least once a week so you know you can survive without it.”  – Danielle, TRexRunner.Com

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