Jogger versus Runner – Who Wins? What is the Difference?

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Jogger versus Runner – What Are you?

I’ve done a lot of reading about runners on the web and today I came across some jogging sites.  That got me thinking about the jogger versus runner issue, so I did some searches on jogging and came up with topics such as: jogging pants, jogging shorts, jogging plan.  I thought, whoa, those are similar to running terms!  In the jogger versus runer debate what am I?

Jogger versus Runner

Jogger versus Runner – So what is the difference?

Merriam Webster defines these terms as:

  • Jog  – a) to run or ride at a slow trot, or b) to go at a slow, leisurely, or monotonous pace
  • Run – to go faster than a walk; specifically : to go steadily by springing steps so that both feet leave the ground for an instant in each step.

So with this in mind, here is my take:  running is  spectrim.  Regarding the question “Jogger verus Runner,” On one end are the joggers, with the other occupied by sprinters.  In either case, if you going faster than a walk then you are running.

Jogger versus Runner – Running is a state of mind

It not important whether you lay down six miles at a blazing pace or do a run walk program for an hour, getting out and moving is the key.  Running is a great sport and form of exercise to be enjoyed by all.  If you feel slow don’t get discouraged.  Personally I wouldn’t worry to much about the jogger versus runner debate; Running is a journey.  We start breaking our gait, moving from a walk to a jog.  We do walk to run programs, build endurance, run our first 5K, improve our fitness, and continue to progress along the running spectrum.  Being a jogger versus runner is irrelevant when you start.  The key is to get out on the road and just do it.

Running is a state of mind.  To me running is getting in the zone, feeling fluid, passing time in an instant, feeling epic, striding, gliding, moving at ease.  Can you you do it?  Yes.  Running isn’t about speed as much the feeling.  I love the way running feels.  My legs moving with out prompt, my breathing in sync with my steps (step, step, breath, step, step, breath), my mind roaming.  I especially love the post run “glow.”

When I first started running, It was very hard for me to go fast, I didn’t feel smooth, I had no rhythm in my stride.  The question on whether I was a Jogger versus Runner was forefront in my mind.   My footfalls were forceful and deliberate.  As I continued to workout, and over the next several week, I felt a transformation.  When jogging slightly downhill I would speed up, my stride would lengthen and my legs would flow.  Both feet were off the ground.  Lift off!  I was running.

Jogger versus Runner, What Am I?

I am a runner.  I no longer fret over whether I’m a jogger versus runner.  I am a runner because I say so.  I’m not fast, I’m passionate.  I’m devoted, I love running.  I’m a runner because I say so.  Believe you are a runner.  In the end, “jogger versus runner” all comes down to attitude.

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