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Beginning runners have lots of questions, and since I love running talk about it so much, I thought it would be fun to help beginning runners out and provide a website to provide practical and useful information.  It is also my hope that I we can establish a community of beginning runners and use this site as forum to create and answer each other’s comments.  I have many stories I want to share with you that will help you become a better runner, and in my mind, that means you don’t get injured, and you establish running as part of your lifestyle.

How I Can Help Beginning Runners

Beginning Runners

  • I have some good stories to tell you – I had some crazy runs in the past, like the time I ran in really cold weather or just my great story about getting started running.  I’ve been told  by other beginning runners that both of these are a good read.
  • I’m more concerned that you like running than you becoming a competitive runner.  Let’s face it, must of us just want to get healthy while enjoying some form of exercise.  And to be honest, I’m no rocket, so I’m not qualified to tell you how to run really fast; however, I do have a passion for running and want to share that with you and other beginning runners.  I believe that running is healthy for both the body and mind.
  • I’ll help you with training plans and how to avoid injury.  I’m a firm believer that you and other beginning runners should  incorporate a training plan into your running regimen.  It helps you become a better runner as well as avoid injury.  By better, I mean you’ll be able to run farther and faster and enjoy it.  I’ve finally got to the point where I can cruise for about eight miles without breathing hard.  I love it.
  • I’ll share with your my running experiences, my mistakes, and what I’ve found works best.  This is especially important for beginning runners, as bad experience can cause you to get discouraged and quit.

Who Are Beginning Runners?

 Beginning runners are people who:
  • Have run before – We all ran as kids so running some new skill we need to teach our legs; however, for some of us, its been a long time, so we need to re adapt our body to the increased activity.
  • Are of all ages – Some people take up running after college, or like me in their mid forties.  Personally, I was motivated by the documentatry Spirit of the Marathon where a sixty year old man took up running and completed the Chicago marathon.
  • Are Busy – Most beginning runners work and have family obligations.  Incorporating running into a busy schedule is tricky, but can be done.  To be sure, beginning runners need to make running a priority, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle.
  • Want to be healthly – Most beginning runners run to loose weight. I’m one of those runners.  Others run for the cardiovascular benefits.  Running is a great way to maintain your body.  Here are some more health benefits for beginning runners.

Next Steps for Beginning Runners

Once you have completed a walk to run training program you may want to consider trying a 5K.  This is a great distance for beginning runners to complete.  5K or three miles is a good distance goal.  Many people get really nervous about this, race? me? are you kidding?  Well I’m here to tell you, that three quarters of the people at the race are there to have a good time, try to do their best, but they aren’t out to beat you, they are out to get a new personal record.  If you are like me and other beginning runners, you’ll find participating in 5K races is a really fun time.  I always feel great hanging out with a bunch of fit people and feel even better after the race. The sense of achievement and knowing I did my best put me in a great mood.
You may want to try a 5K some day, and I would encourage you do to so, but you don’t have to choose  so.  Running is about choice and freedom, and I think it is important beginning runners understand running is much more than the treadmill or track.  Run on trails, experience nature.

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