Beginning Runners – Why I Run

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I started running to lose weight, but this isn’t why I run.  I continued to run to gain health, but this isn’t why I run.  I run to slow down, to decompress, and to achieve more than I did yesterday.
Sunset at Kensington during my run.
I love the feeling of cruising on a long easy run down a country dirt road.  Running past fields I haven’t seen before, wondering what is over the next hill. When I run, the country is so different than when I drive.  I notice the craggy oak tree whose branches sweep over the road, or the small cemetery nestled in the forest.  During these runs, especially the longer ones, before the pain of distance makes an appearance, I experience a special type of glide; I suppose an equilibrium, whose illusion makes running effortless.  This I cherish.
Running cleanses the mind.  The rhythm and singularity of purpose focus my consciousness inward allowing me to purge troubling thoughts, work through problems.  No matter how hard the workout, I feel better afterwards.  In the beginning every step was agonizing, noticeable, and counted.  Today I routinely misplace a mile.  I’ve gained a great sense of achievement running.  I first started jogging and walking and slowly progressed to running and eventually participating in races.  I was very proud of this accomplishment.
It is my joy for running that keeps me coming back.  I truly look forward to a run and am happy cruising along my favorite trails.  I enjoy the challenge running poses, its many opportunities for improvement.  I’m thankful I like to run and run injury free.  It is my hope I continue to run and remain healthy, and continue to improve and meet my goals.

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