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This past week I haven’t been feeling well so I skipped my Thursday and Friday run.  I was feeling guilty about skipping Thursday, as that is my speed workout, and though they aren’t my favorite type of workout, I feel they are important to complete if I am to improve.  I felt better on Saturday, and while driving through the country Saturday morning, I really felt the urge to run.  That afternoon, after some chores were done, I took off for a five miler.  It was nice to get back on the trails. I only missed two days, but it seemed so long.  I can imagine what it must feel like to be injured.  It was supposed to be an easy run, but I got carried away and made it a tempo.  I got my speed workout for the week.
Getting for my run at Kensington Metro Park.
Yesterday I was supposed to run my long easy run.  It was somewhat chilly outside and I couldn’t figure out whether to wear a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt.  What about a jacket?  Well as  I was about the go out the door, my ever wise wife said to take a jacket and “enjoy the sweat” as soon it will be too cold to do so.  So, with her sage advice, I drove to Kensington to start my run.
Kensington in the Fall – A great place to run!
I was feeling good and picked up the pace.  Early in the summer I tried running five miles at a 10 min/mile pace and would just miss it.  As I ran at Kensington on Sunday I was hovering around 10:02 min / mile and decided to see if I could maintain this pace or even beat this summer’s earlier barrier.  This was a good challenge as Kensington is hilly and I was setup for a nine mile run!
Here is how it went:
Overall my pace ended up being 9:57 min/mile.  I was very happy.  I found it interesting that I during mile six I slowed down.  Was I day dreaming?  Was this where the fat burning metabolism kicked in for that extra energy?  I was amazed by mile eight.  I remember during that stretch thinking that this is what running is.  I admit that at my normal paces I hover between running and jogging, so to actually start to stride out is refreshing.  I felt this run gave me the confidence to take my speed to the next level.  I’m starting to really look forward to my next 5K race.  Overall, mixing up the distances is good for me.  The shorter races will help me focus on speed, which with additional strength and endurance training should carry me through longer races in less time.
I definitely ended this work out on a positive note.  It was definitely one where I enjoyed the sweat.  Whoot!

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