Beginning Runners – Cold not Hot Please!

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I started training for my next 5K race, the Ann Arbor Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot, this week. Last evening I did some intervals.  It was nice to run fast.  It doesn’t seem so long ago when I started running, well actually jogging, that I would occasionally establish a rhythm.  Back then I liked running down slight inclines.  The added boost helped.  I used to think to myself, “remember this, this is what running is.”

I used to have these dreams where my legs would feel heavy.  In some, tornadoes weren’t too far in the distance!  In all I feared I forgot to run.  I guess my subconscious was realizing as I was gaining weight I was losing my way to run.   Of course over the past sixteen months I relearned that joy and continue to progress.

This evening, the speed felt great.  It’s was also sobering to realize that my speed work out is what many would consider marathon cruise speed.  I guess that is what great about this sport.  It is all about progress and goals.  Regardless, it felt good to achieve my workout’s stated times.  That tells me I’m fit enough to continue this course of training and I have a good chance in making my 5K goal, which is five minutes less than last year.  Whoot!

It was quite chilly last evening.  My wife persuaded me to wear my running jacket and I’m glad I did.  With the wind the wind chill was 39 degrees.  I ran my first half of the run with the wind and warmed up very quickly.  I was nice and toasty.  On the way back, and running into the wind, I got a good feel of running weather to come.  It was cold, but very refreshing.  It felt good to have the cool sting of rain on my face.  It was a nice contrast to the heat from my intervals.

I’m looking at the change of season as an opportunity to change my running habits, mix up my training a bit, and enjoy new scenery.  Also, I know I can run in 20 degree weather, so I’m not worried about getting too cold.  I can say the same about getting hot.  I still remember that awful eighteen miler at Virginia Beach in the horrid humidity.

So for now I’d like my running served cold not hot please.

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