Beginning Runners Experience A Harvest Moon Run

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As the season progresses our daylight running hours diminish.  Being an evening runner, I often enjoy late summer evening runs and benefit from Michigan’s late sunsets, yet, now my running habits find me on the road at dusk and into the twilight.
Harvest Moon run
Last night was the perfect fall run.  It wasn’t so cold that I had to wear a jacket, but cool enough for a long sleeve shirt.  I should have worn gloves; my hands were cold for the first mile or so.  I was blessed to run under a harvest moon.  It was a great moon, casting strong shadows, illuminating my path.  I trekked along my eastern county dirt road route thankful of the moon beams’ insistence to point out the road’s irregularities.
Though I did forget to wear my gloves, I was sure not to forget to put on my safety equipment.   Now that I’m running in the dark I want to be absolutely sure drivers see me.  I wear a reflective belt and cap with couple of attached lights.  The first light slips over the bill, acts like a head light of sorts, and has LEDs strong enough to show me 10 feet or so of the road.  The second device is a blinky light.  It rapidly blinks red and highly visible.   I feel comfortable running on quite road with the gear, knowing I’m seen.
Not only does the hat make a convenient place to pin on all my lights, but the bill also comes in handy in blocking oncoming traffic’s headlights.  As vehicles approach I just tip my head down to block the bright lights.  Now I can see where I’m going, watch the shoulder, and ensure I don’t wander into the road.  I found before, like a bug, I would focus on the light and have a slight tendency to drift towards them.  Definitely not desired behavior!
Just coming of the Marathon last weekend, this was supposed to be slow and easy recovery run, but for some reason, my pace gradually quicken and before I know it I was running at a threshold pace speed.  It felt good.  My legs weren’t sore, I wasn’t tired, and the cool air felt great.  My lips got that cool tingling feeling from the crisp autumn air, but I wasn’t cold.
As I kept running I started thinking about upcoming races.  My next race will be the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K race.  After that I’ll lay low through the winter.  Next Spring I plan to run a half marathon as a warm up to a late spring Marathon.  I’ll probably run the Martian Half Marathon, but haven’t decided on the marathon.  I’m tinkering with the idea of running the Traverse City Bay Shore Marathon, but may also try Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.

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